More than surveying

A subsidiary of 3D-Industrial

WRS Group of companies

A worldwide operating specialist in Inspections (UTM, NDT), corrosion control and industrial Rope Access

WRS Group of companies is proud to service a large number of key players within the offshore wind, oil & gas and maritime industry since many years. We have 2 decades of experience in carry out a wide range of inspections and corrosion scopes.

With our well trained technicians we service our clients all over the world in 4 key areas:

  • Ultrasonic Thickness measurements (UTM) according class requirements
  • Non-Destructive testing and quality control
  • Industrial Rope access services (inspections, maintenance)
  • Cathodic protection products and services (ICCP, MGPS, Sacrificial Anodes).

WRS is a subsidiary of 3D-Industrial which offers inspection services in Waste to Energy, Power Generation, Marine & Offshore, (Petro)chemical and Wind & Renewables.

We provide 24/7 e-mail and phone support.


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