Sacrificial Anodes

Sacrificial Anodes

WRS Cathodic protection offers a wide range of sacrificial anodes which are manufactured in a high end and qualified production facility.
WRS warehouse is located close to Rotterdam, which means a fast delivery option towards Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

WRS Cathodic protection offers the following anode products: 

  • Sacrificial hull Anodes. (Zinc and Aluminium sacrificial anodes for external use).
  • Sacrificial tank Anodes (Zinc and Aluminium sacrificial anodes for internal use/ballast tanks).
  • Sacrificial offshore Anodes. (Aluminium sacrificial anodes for the protection of offshore structures, platforms, rigs, pipelines, jetties).
  • Magnesium Sacrificial Anodes.
  • (Magnesium anodes for onshore use and fresh water cathodic protection applications).
  • Mounting Material (e.g. M-Clamps)


All Anodes are spectrographically tested and individually marked with a heat number. Certificates of conformity and chemical composition are available on request.

Anode plans

WRS Cathodic protection is having a strong reputation to provide tailor made anode plans for a variety of applications. These anode plans consist the required amount of anodes including the installation positions for a long term protection.