3D WearScan

3D WearScan

3D-Wearscan was founded in 2014. Our strive to innovation led to a solution that revolutionized the inspection of boiler tubes and membrane walls in waste to energy and biomass industries which is commonly done using Ultrasonic Testing Technology. Soon the company evolved and started finding applications in Offshore Marine and Petro Chemical industries that benefit from the same solution.


3D-Wearscan technology determines the external wear & tear of any given object. This allows us to accurately determine the remaining wall thickness of boiler tubes, membrane walls, pipelines, suction tubes or identify the deformation and wear of gearwheels, jacking systems, racks etc. In addition, our sophisticated NDT software allows on-site inspection, detection, and characterization of pipe defects whether—internal or external; these include corrosion and mechanical damages.


100% scanned surface as opposed to spot reading.
Critical values are reported instantly.
Results are fully reproducible allowing trend line analysis.
Faster and more accurate than conventional methods.
Reliability not dependent on operator
Cloud based reporting


In-line inspection
Pipeline corrosion assessment
Pipeline mechanical damage assessment
3d modelling for phased-array Inspections
Storage tank inspection
Boiler tube and Membrane wall inspection
Gearwheel & Jacking system inspection
Component analysis

Our system has been validated by TÜV Rheinland. Below you will find a step to step description of this procedure.

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