Rope access


Certified by all mayor classification societies

‘Reduce surveying time by using IRATA Certified Rope Access’ (no scaffolding required)

WRS Rope access, provides complete inspection and testing services for industries worldwide. With its strategically location, certified technicians and inspectors, WRS Rope Access can safely and reliable meet any inspection requirement or industry standard on 24/7 / 365 basis.

WRS Rope Access provides a practical approach to all Inspection Techniques. Our very experienced technicians are totally familiar with all aspects like:

  • Class Surveys (UTM);
  • NDT Examinations;
  • Maintenance;
  • Wind Energy;
  • Safety & Advice
  • Riging &Lifting
  • Quality control services.

WRS Rope Access operates under stringent IRATA guidelines & a Quality Management system ISO 9001 and VCA.

What is rope access?

Rope access (accessibility through climbing with the aid of ropes) is a term widely used for industrial climbing techniques. You may have heard to it referred as “Mountaineering” or “Abseiling”.

Rope access originated as an industrial application 25 years ago in the United Kingdom. Through the use of hi-tech climbing materials modified for industrial use and extensive training, rope access is regarded as a safe means for working at height worldwide.

Our highly technical and skilled staff work safely at height and the various fields of expertise of our staff means we can cover a large range of activities.

Why is Rope Access your solution for services at height?

  • Rope Access is economical: Less personnel, swift mobilization, less material and minimal run time result generally in lower cost.
  • Rope Access is efficient: Rope access activities are easily operational and quickly terminated; other processes running simultaneously often do not need to be interrupted.
  • Rope access is adaptable: Contrary to many conventional solutions, Rope Access is adaptable and therefore can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Rope access is safe: The accident and fatality statistics of Rope Access are considerably lower than other conventional solutions.

Where is Rope Access applied?

Rope Access is carried across a broad field of applications. Rope access has already been utilized throughout the construction, petrochemical, maritime and offshore sectors for decades. It is also frequently used at power plants, wind turbines, telecom providers and advertising industry.

WRS Rope access provides a safe, efficient and cost effective mode of working at height, and allows work to be carried out effectively in difficult access situations. The minimal time taken to install rope access systems make it almost always quicker and more cost effective than scaffolding or MEWP’s.

A rope access job has a minimum impact on structure and surroundings, efficiently accessing the work zone and getting the job done with the least disruption at a fraction of the cost.

All members of WRS Rope Access are highly trained and certified according the IRATA and/or GWO.