Key Markets

Key markets

Renewables (Offshore wind)

Our clients are looking more and more for one-stop-shop solutions for their projects. Therefore we are delivering the following inspections and services with a flexible team to reduce costs and operational impact:

  • NDT and Visual examinations of all structures (e.g. wall thickness/welds);
  • Inspection of transition pieces;
  • Inspection of confined spaces;
  • Installation and commissioning of CP systems;
  • Potential measurements of foundations;
  • Surface inspections (e.g. coating, corrosion);
  • Blade inspections;
  • Repair and maintenance.

Oil & Gas

Within the oil & gas market we mainly combining NDT and Rope Access activities on a variety of inspection scopes:

  • NDT and Visual examinations of all structures (e.g. wall thickness/welds);
  • Inspection of tanks (Tank floor, tank shell; tank roof;stairs, platforms, valves)
  • Inspections at production pipelines.;
  • Surface inspections (e.g. coating, corrosion);

Maritime / Shipping

We gained our roots in the maritime industry. Therefore WRS can carry out a variety of inspections on board of  all possible types of vessels like:

  • General cargo vessels (e.g. bulk carriers, container ships, Ro-Ro vessels)
  • Tankers (e.g. Very Large Crude Carriers- VLCCs , Ultra Large Crude Carriers –ULCCs- , Liquefied Natural Gas carriers- LGN -, Liquefied Petroleum Gas carriers –LPG- and Chemical Carriers).
  • Dredgers (e.g. backhoe & dipper dredgers, Cutter suction dredgers, Grab hopper dredgers, Suction dredgers, Suction hopper dredgers)
  • Heavy Lift / Project Cargo Vessels (e.g. semi-submergible – also known as flo-flo or float-on/float-off- which are used for the transportation of other vessels, and augment unloading vessels which are fitted with specialist heavy lift equipment to make unloading at under-equipped ports possible.)
  • Livestock Vessels
  • Offshore (installation) vessels (e.g. Floatels, jack-ups, crane vessels )
  • Ferries and cruise ships
  • Marine vessels.

Thanks to our experience we are able to carry out a broad range of (inspection) services on board (during sail or drydock period):

  • Class surveying (thickness measurements);
  • NDT examinations of steel structures;
  • NDT examinations of pedestal/mast cranes;
  • Teeth inspections on board of jack-ups;
  • Steel repair calculations and supervision;
  • Welding, Maintenance, Rigging & lifting and Safety & advice.
  • Cathodic protection (Impressed current, MGPS anti-fouling, sacrificial anodes).

Infra (e.g. ports, bridges, constructions)

Our well experienced NDT and Rope Access technicians are familiar with a steel contructions and components. We often inspect bridges, steel contructions, frames, pre-fab constructions and many more for the infra industry.

  • Sacrificial anodes (e.g. sluice valves, quay walls, sheet pile constructions)
  • Potential Measurements (e.g. risers, pontoons)

NDT examinations (e.g. weld inspections on bridges, steel constructions)